011/100 Example 1.5-1 Single Layer Capacitor

100 ADS Design Examples Based on the Textbook: RF and Microwave Circuit Design
Michael Benker
Example 1.5-1 Consider the design of a single layer capacitor from a dielectric that is 0.010 inches thick and has a dielectric constant of three. Each plate is cut to 0.040 inches square. Calculate the capacitor value and its Q factor.

Capacitance formed by a dielectric material between two parallel plate conductors:

C = (N-1)(KAεr/t)(FF) pF

A: plate area
εr: relative dielectric constant
t: separation
K: unit conversion factor; 0.885 for cm, 0.225 for inches
FF: fringing factor; 1.2 when mounted on microstrip
N: number of parallel plates



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