Welcome to the Students’ Page for the RF/Photonics Lab at UMASS Dartmouth

What we do in this lab:

  • RF – Radio Frequency, Microwave Electronics
  • Photonics – Lightwave Frequency Electronics, Fiber Optics, Lasers, Optics
  • Research
  • Hands-on learning


If you are a student and you want to do research in the RF/Photonics lab, focus on the following and talk to Dr. Li:

Mathematics, Fourier Transform, Differential Equations, Electrical Theory, Electromagnetic Theory, Communication Theory, Analog Electronics, Signal Processing (ECE 321, ECE 384), English Writing (research writing) and 3.0+ GPA

If you would like to get in contact with the RF/Photonics Lab at UMASS Dartmouth, feel free to fill out the form on the Contact page. Also, visit the official page for the RF/Photonics Lab.

This blog is written such as to be considered as one long, working document with references found at this address. See full archive here.

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