023/100 Distributed Bias Feed Design

100 ADS Design Examples Based on the Textbook: RF and Microwave Circuit Design
November 2019
Michael Benker

Example 2.11-3: Calculate the physical line length of the λ/4 sections of 80 Ω and 20 Ω microstrip lines at a frequency of 2 GHz. Create a schematic of a distributed bias feed network.

A high impedance microstrip line of λ/4 can be used to replace the lumped inductor from problem 022/100 Example 2.11-2E. Likewise a quarter wave impedance line of a low impedance can replace the lumped shunt capacitor. The 80 Ohm and 20 Ohm transmission lines can be made using LineCalc at 2 GHz. The taper, tee and end-effect element are used to simulate the circuit most correctly and to remove discontinuities between the models.


The return loss null occurs at 1.84 GHz, indicating that the system could be optimized better to adjust center frequency. The high impedance line length is now adjusted to center the frequency to 2 GHz:




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