Branches of Optics

Optics is a broad subject that has been studied and renovated over a long period of time. The following is a quick list of the different branches, theories and studies of optics. This list does not cover all concepts related to Optics by any means, however when discussing a topic related to Optics, it will be important to know which type of Optics is being discussed.


Ray Optics

Geometrical Optics

Wave Optics

Electromagnetic Optics

Quantum Optics

Paraxial Optics

Matrix Optics

Classical Optics

Beam Optics

Gaussian Optics

Fourier Optics

Physical Optics

Polarization Optics



Metal Optics

Metamaterial Optics

Transformation Optics

Fiber Optics



Guided-Wave Optics

Resonator Optics

Photonic-Crystal Optics

Statistical Optics

Photon Optics

Spatial Optics


Semiconductor Optics

Nonlinear Optics

Ultrafast Optics

Atom Optics