1.8 Double Heterostructures

1.8 Explain how a double heterostructure works. Who are the Nobel prize winners for this invention?

A double heterostructure is a sandwich of one material between another material. It is a PIN junction, and the material of the intrinsic region of the PIN junction is a material with a smaller bandgap than the P and N regions. This structure…

  • Enables direct current injection via trapping of carriers
  • Light is generated in the intrinsic region where carriers are recombined.
  • Light is confined for a resonator feedback system as the intrinsic region layer serves as a waveguide.
  • It can be assumed that nearly all carriers recombine in the intrinsic region.

Nobel prize winners are (2000): Jack Kilby (1/2), Zhores Alferov (1/4), Herbert Kroemer (1/4)


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